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Valon Technology is an engineering company devoted primarily to Analog and Radio Frequency design and product development for wired and wireless applications.  

Valon Technology provides collaborative product development resources from concept through volume production.

Examples of What We Can Do

  • WiMAX, WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee radio integration and system design.
  • Design support for packaging, shielding and isolation.
  • Radio modules* for airborne applications.    
  • RFI and self-interference mitigation.
  • RFID readers.
  • Short range radio products.
  • Software defined radio front end development.
  • Specialized RF communications for industrial, transportation and mining applications.
  • EMC investigation, engineering support and mitigation.
  • FCC Part 15 engineering support.
  • Cable modem head-end and CPE RF engineering.
  • Wireless meters for smart grid technology
  • Expert Witness
  • Other Services

5007 Dual Frequency Synthesizer

Fully User Programmable!

138MHz - 4400MHz

Valon RF Products


“As a hardware design and product development company we do a lot of prototyping. We also do a lot of simulation using software programs.  However, I can tell you from experience that a couple of hours in the lab with real hardware is more telling than a lot of simulation.  Hardware prototyping can also help the simulation by pointing out areas of the design that can be optimized or tweaked a bit.  That way you're not spending a lot of time simulating areas of the design unnecessarily. “