Valon Technology 5007 and 5008 Downloads



If you are a new purchaser of our 5007 or 5008 Dual Synthesizer Module, you will want to download the Configuration Manager software so that you can program your synthesizer.


If you are already using the 5007 or 5008 you will want to check here for updates and download the latest version.We also list any bugs we know about and invite your feedback. And if you donít already have one hereís where you can get the latest data sheet.


Note: The 5007 and 5008 use the same, 5007 Configuration Manager.



Config Mgr Admin Version 1.6.1 Executable program will self-install the 5007/5008 dual synthesizer Configuration Manager.This GUI will let you setup the synthesizer frequencies and save settings.This version will also allow you to see all the register settings, which can be handy if you are developing your own drivers and control software.This is our latest version.



5007 Users Guide The Userís guide is a document that describes the installation and use of the Configuration Manager.Use this guide for Admin Version of the Configuration Manager.


5008 Users Guide The Userís guide is a document that describes the installation and use of the Configuration Manager.Use this guide for Admin Version of the Configuration Manager.



Interface guide.For advanced users that want to write their own controller, the interface guide document is available.Send your request to for immediate attention.


Linux Interface.Interested in using Linux to control the 5007 then visit the site and search Valon 5007.Patrick Brandt at NRAO created this code.


LabVIEW Driver, source, and libraries download is here.


Having trouble with your USB adapter.Read this.



Phase noise and Jitter



5007 bugs (everybody makes a mistake sometime. Right?)Hereís the ones we know about.


  1. Not locking on power-up.Some lab power supplies together with long test leads can cause the 5007 low drop-out voltage regulators to become unstable.We recommend connecting to the power supply with the 12Ē cable supplied.If this is not practical, then adding a 100uf/10V capacitor at the end of the 12Ē cable should cure this problem.
  2. Not locking at certain frequencies.If you find that the 5007 becomes unlocked at specific frequencies when the VCO is in the 3800-4100MHz range then check to see that the Reference Frequency Doubler mode is enabled.This is in the Set Frequencies menu. The 5007 loop filter is designed for a PFD frequency of 20MHz so when using a 10MHz reference frequency you should enable the reference doubler.This will ensure the lowest, close-in, phase noise and stability.
  3. User version 1.2.0 and Admin version 1.5.0 fixes previous version bug in Read Registers not responding with correct value for frequency settings higher than 4294MHz.
  4. Trouble locking above 4000MHz.If you experience trouble with the 5007 locking correctly above 4000MHz, download the current version of the Configuration Manager Admin Version.Set the RF Prescaler to 8/9 (probably was set to 4/5).
  5. Admin version 1.5.1 fixes previous bug in all version.The Admin version lets the user set the prescaler to either 4/5 or 8/9.The prescaler should be set to 8/9 generally and in the case of the 5007 there is no advantage to setting 4/5.Previous versions would set the prescaler to 4/5 regardless of what the configuration manager selection was.
  6. Configuration Manager (User 1.2.0 and Admin 1.5.1) Bug in the FILE/GET CONFIGURATION command.This bug would cause the Synthesizer-2 (not Synthesizer 1) frequency to display incorrectly.This bug was fixed with the release of Admin Version 1.5.3 and the User version is discontinued.
  7. Configuration Manager Admin version 1.5.3 and previous.Falsely report Synthesizer B is enabled when its actually been previously disabled by the user.